[Infographic] 8 Examples of Passive Aggressive Behaviour

Passive aggressive behaviour is a major problem in modern society. We live in the world of social media where everybody wants to be popular and everybody wants to appear to be everybody else's friend. This is all well and good but problems cannot be overcome until they are expressed. Telling somebody that you have a problem with something they said or done will never make you the flavour of the month but if you cannot do it; you will end up bitter, angry and resentful towards them.

The need to be nice has resulted in people bottling up their thoughts and feelings which leads to bitterness and resentment. This is not the basis for a healthy relationship. In addition, bottling up your feelings is not good for your personal health or wellbeing. There is rarely any benefit to pretending that everything is ok when it isn't.

Examples of Passive Aggressive Behaviour Infographic

In order to deal with passive aggressive behaviour, you must first be able to identify it. Thiis is often  easier said than done. The attached infographic will help you to identify when you are dealing with passive aggressive behaviour.

Bonus: You can download the Infographic here

Bonus: You can download the Infographic here

If you struggle to deal with Passive Aggressive Behaviour, check out Tackling Passive Aggressive Behaviour.

Passive aggressive behaviour is one of the biggest obstacles to effective communication. You simply cannot communicate effectively unless both parties are being open and honest. Therefore, if you are communicating with somebody who is displaying the characteristics of passive aggressive behaviour, your first job is to move them towards an open and honest dialogue. Only then can you actually begin to diagnose and resolve any problems which may exist.

If you are somebody who uses passive aggressive behaviour to avoid conflct, it is worth noting that it only avoids conflict in the short-term. Your feelings will eventually come out but sadly they often come out in the form of an aggressive explosion and; usually with the wrong person.